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Theatre Contest

Every school wants to create its own tradition and characterize its place in the environment. The J.H. D±browski Complex of Schools in Sławno also decided to be characterized by something special. This idea among other things contributed to creation of the competition of knowledge about Stanisław Wyspiański. Since those times the tradition of theatre contest of third year students has existed. The plays have been produced by students with teachers' help since the seventies.

At the beginning these competitions were about the knowledge of Stanisław Wyspiański, his works had been regarded as very rich and varied, so it was decided that it would be worth being brought close to the teenagers. It was undertook by third year students, who had been recognized as mature enough and cooperating in creating common work shouldn't cause any problem for them.

By introducing the competition of knowledge about Stanisław Wyspiański teachers tried to create something that would stimulate young people to independent organization of work, integration of them and moreover it was conductive to discovering young personalities. Although, as it was stressed by an ex- teacher and at the same time the initiator of the competition- professor Eustachy Bindas in his article : "First achievements were not big, they arouse resistance of classes(…) but the spirit of greatness of Wyspiański worked. And when the 20th of November was coming the school was full of life ."

The scenes from "Wesele" by Wyspiański were staged and the whole school was used as a stage. But for the sake of growing number of audience "Wesele" was moved to the stage of Community Center in Sławno.

In school's life the competition of knowledge about Wyspiański meant very important events and the experiences connected with this event are the memories that for many people (not only participants) will be remembered forever. And Eustachy Bindas claimed that "thanks to this we could have considered problems important to our nation and it was not only an academy 'in honour'".But with the passage of time "Wesele's" standings became a bit boring to audience and for over ten years the initiative of choosing the play has been left to the students. Initiators of the new formula were two Polish teachers: Ewa Miatkowska and Jadwiga Rybakowska. For that reason students have more possibilities to show themselves, they can write the plays themselves, impersonate a director and also devote themselves to searching, for example in libraries. The thing that hasn't changed with time are the emotions connected with preparations. As always the teenagers quarrel, argue but in this way they get to know each other and build a harmonious team, which is ready to succeed or to fail. Apart from this the fact that students sometimes have to spend a lot of their free time preparing the work of art also hasn't changed.

The idea of organizing the competition of knowledge about Stanisław Wyspiański, which had appeared many years ago at a regulat meeting of Polish language and literature circle, was really right. Although nobody supposed then that the regulations of competition would change in such a significant way, the 'results' of this idea have incredible influence until nowadays. It can be said that the form of the contest became "a mother of success", thanks to arousing in young artists the taste of rivalry it often allows lost individuals to find themselves in school environment. Thanks to theatre contest at least for one moment a young person is allowed to look at the world in a different way (it sometimes allows to look with a distance.) Besides, the fact that "theatre brings people together and is a dimension, where everything can come into being and its essence is acting (…), impersonating the scene characters we create 'new reality'" becames obvious.

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