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The School Nature Reserve

Rozmiar: 6154 bajtówKarl Friedrich Marquardt who was the director of the Institute for Botany and Zoology in Museum in Darłowo was probably also the founder of the Botanical Garden Rosenow (1986). A garden located by the pregymnasium was possibly the beginning of the current Botanical Garden.
First historical data about Sławno's flora come from 1933, due to the remaining book that contains floral information from 1933/34, which is being taken care of the Secondary School in Sławno (Celka, Sobicz, Morka 2003).
Reliable information about the Botanical Garden in Sławno were found in Museum in Darłowo in materials from 1937/43. Today these materials are being edited and stored in the Institute for Botany and Genetics (SLTC) of Pomorska Akademia Pedagogiczna in Słupsk.

The Botanical Garden is located on an area boarded by Cieszkowskiego and Kąpielowa Street. After World War II it was called the Botanical Garden by the 11-year School in Sławno. In 1956 Kuratorium Okręgu Szkolnego in Koszalin took care of it (Figlarowicz 1965). Remaining notes and photographs taken by a biology teacher Stefania Figlarowicz are still stored in a biology classroom in Secondary School in Sławno.

In 2001 young enthusiasts from our school took part in a contest called "School Nature Reserves" organized by Centrum Doskonalenia Nauczycieli in Koszalin. In association with local government, Nadleśnictwo Sławno and Dom Kultury in Sławno the Nature Reserve was established as a replacement for former Botanical Garden. Works connected with the Nature Reserve were coordinated by a biology teacher Dorota Morka.

Botanical Garden's flora is represented by main systematic groups: Pteriodophyta, Gymnospermae, Angiospermae. 196 species belonging to 73 families and 169 genera were classified: 147 species in the years 1937/43 and 1959/61 and 145 species in 2002/2003.

(Celka, Sobicz, Morka 2003) corporate work


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