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In February 1878 the Town Council conveyed place for school building. In September the building was started. In 1928 it was finally completed. The school in Sławno was a pregymnasium until 1930 and later a gymnasium. In 1936 it was transformed into a secondary school of general education.

On the 9th of September 1948 the Public Gymnasium and Secondary School (4 years of secondary school based on 7 years of primary school, 2 years of secondary school) were formed. The school has been located in the building in Cieszkowskiego street from the beginning. In school year 1945/46 14 students started and 146 ended their education, out of them 13 students took the Matura (Secondary School leaving exam). It was the first Matura in Sławno. Edmund Krzykowski was the headmaster of the school.

On the 25th of September 1965 the school was given the name of Jan Henryk D±browski and the first Graduates' Reunion took place. On the 22nd of June 1985 there was the second Graduates' Reunion on the school 40th anniversary. Because of the anniversary a project connected with school history "40 years of the J. H. D±browski school in Sławno 1945-85. Pages from the school chronicle 22.VI.1985." was edited.

In school year 1990/91 the religion lessons conducted by the priest Marian Dziemianko were back. What is more the grading system was changed- six grades were introduced. English lessons were started again. Cooperation with the secondary school in Rinteln was began and lasts till today. From the school year 1992/93 English language was thought by volunteers from the USA. The school also cooperated with volunteers from Germany.On the school 50th anniversary, on the 16- 17th of June 1995 there was the third Graduates' Reunion in the Jan Henryk D±browski Secondary School.

Today the Complex of Schools in Sławno has the education program ending with Matura. The school prepers the students for higher education and for carrying out various responsible social roles in their adult life.

The motto of the school is a Latin sentence by Seneka:

"Non scholae, sed vitae discimus"

Our educational programme aims at creating a cultural and academic offer to support and supplement a secondary school programme.
Its purpose is creating a self-governed school associated with a certain place and enabling cooperation between cultural and educational institutions acting for the benefit of local community.

The school's offer includes:
  • foreign language courses
  • nature and ecology research (The School Nature Reserve)
  • drama, film, music and computer education
  • journalism classes ("Vena" and "PARNAS")
  • bridge classes
  • students exchange with Gimnazjum Ernestinum in Rinteln and Bad Doberan.
  • sport and recreation classes
  • school trips
Since September 2004 our school has consisted of Secondary School of General Education No.1, Profiled Secondary School and Supplementary Secondary School. All archival documents are in the school building.

12 October 2004 - School with distinction! The first in our County!

The Jan Henryk D±browski Complex of Schools in Sławno THE FIRST SCHOOL WITH DISTINCTION among the secondary schools in the county!!!

In the second edition of a project organized by: "Gazeta Wyborcza", Portal and Citizen Information Centre [patronage: President Aleksander Kwa¶niewski, partner: Polish-American Freedom Fundation] our school received a tittle "School with distinction" .

The tittle "School with distinction" is not easy to get. Troughout the school year 2003/2004 teachers and students worked on the selected tasks which with ended with a report. We worked on six tasks:
  1. We explain well and teach in an interesting way.
  2. We improve the grading systems from all of the subjects.
  3. Festival of Science.
  4. How do we teach cooperation?
  5. School without addictions.
  6. More culture.
The whole project at school was co-ordinated by Wanda Adamczyk - Vice Headmaster and Maths teacher. Below we present the teams thanks to which our school succeeded.

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